Link building: Quality vs Quantity

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June 14, 2017

Link building: Quality vs Quantity

Link building: Quality vs Quantity


In this modern era, every business person knows the importance of presence on the internet of their business.

As people started knowing the importance and benefits of having a website of their business, a huge flood of business websites came on the internet and hence search engines like google, yahoo and bing became much more strict to pass a website and show it on their results. Their crawlers checks the website I.e. its content and promotional activities and then provides the page ranking based on them.

As the competition increased all Digital Marketing professionals started focusing to strengthen their website promotional activities to get a better page rank and primarily focused on the promotional activity known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Working on SEO is always the most crucial and critical task to handle. SEO directly affects the quality of the website. If your content is unique and good but you have not done your SEO correctly, your website may not rank in the search engines.

Link Building is one of the most renowned and effective off-page SEO techniques.  Link building is a strategy aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage with the goal of increasing the search engine rankings of that page or website.

As it was the effective one everyone started focusing more on Link building. But, now the biggest dilemma was, “Is it good to have maximum number of backlinks or we just need to focus on the quality backlinks?”


Definitely in old days, having maximum number of backlinks or you can say QUANTITATIVE BACKLINKS have done exceptionally well and provided much better results. But, as the time passed Search Engines became much more strict for every promotional activity. Why? Well it’s simply because Google’s updates over the past few years have guided SEO practices to focus on creating quality content to earn links, rather than buy them.

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It doesn’t matter how much backlinks you create in a day or month, but if Google finds it unnatural then it will definitely degrade your website ranking as a penalty. For example, if you create 50 backlinks on day one and 0 the next, then another 50 the day after, then 0 the next day. All this activity will indicate to search engines algorithm that your rate of link building appears to be automated or it will consider it as a spammy activity. So you should try to avoid these kinds of activities and should focus on creating quality backlinks more.

On the other hand Qualitative link building always trumps the Quantitative. If you are generating links form relevant, reputed, authoritative and trustworthy websites, the results will be much better and faster.

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In a research by Digital Mantra (Digital marketing expert), it is found that one quality link produces much better link juice than 10 quantitative links.


The conclusion is, whenever you are creating a link building strategy, always focus on quality link building rather than quantity link building.

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Definitely, if you will create a worthy content for the end users and distribute is well, it will generate leads on its own and you don’t need to work more on the promotional activities and Google or any other search engine will boost its ranking automatically.

Having QUANTITY with QUALITY backlinks is the key to success for every website.



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